Create and edit table documents

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Table documents can be created and edited from the web application.

Create a table.

On the projects home page , click on "New document".

Select the "table" template and click on "Choose template".

Set the wanted number of lines and columns and click on "Create document".

Edit table

Customize the text and background color of the lines, columns and cells by clicking on the element and then on "Edit".
Choose your line/column's size on the corresponding headers menu (click on the header).

Edit the lines/columns order by clicking on the header and select "Move left" or "Move right" ("Move up" or "Move down" for the lines).

Add lines/columns by right clicking on the lines /columns headers and select "Add before" or "Add after". The line/column will be added to the table according to the chosen option.

Delete a line/column by clicking on its header, then select "Delete" and confirm deletion within the pop-up. Beware that the deleted line or column's content will be deleted as well.

Select table cells 

Select a cell by clicking on it or select multiple cells by holding shift and clicking on the concerned cells.

Visualize count and details of items contained within the selected cells or click on "Edit" to edit label and color for all selected cells.

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