Organize your documents and panels.

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What are the pannels?

Pannels enable you to organise your documents within your project home page by grouping them together. Pannel can be reduced, moved, deleted or archived.

Add a new panel

 Create a new panel by right-clicking on the background and select "New panel" or click on the "New panel" button on the right of the documents and panels.

Your panel is created on the right of the existing panels.

You can now drag and drop documents over the panel to add them to it.

Rename a panel by clicking on its title, the edit the text field "Panel's title" and click on "Rename" to validate the change.

Organize documents and panels

You can move documents and pannels with a simple rag and drop. Drop a document over a pannel to add the document to the pannel.

Note : Documents (outside of pannels) are placed on the left side and pannels on the right side of the project home page. You can place a document in a panel or within the "free" documents list but not in between two panels. You can also change the panels order but not place them before the "free" documents.

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