Copy / paste items

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You can copy / paste any types of elements: post-its, groups, images, pdfs, etc ...

You can copy / paste several elements at the same time (see Multiple selection).

You can also paste the elements in another document as long as this one belongs to the same project.

Copy / Paste an element

To copy and paste an item, go to your document.
Select the item you want to duplicate and right click. Then click on "Copy".

Move your mouse to where you want to copy the item. Right click and select "paste".

To cut an element, follow the same process and click "Cut" then paste your element at the desired location.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can also copy / paste an item using keyboard shortcuts.
To do this, select your post-it and press Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V (on PC) or Cmd + C and Cmd + V (on mac).

To cut an element, select your post-it and press Ctrl + X then Ctrl + V (on PC) or Cmd + X and Cmd + V (on mac).

Tip : You can now copy-paste files (images, pdf...) from an external environment (desktop, web page...).
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