Version 1.10

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Cancel an action

Cancel the last actions you performed with the "ctrl-z" shortcut. Please read the tutorial to learn more about collaboration management when you cancel an action.

Tutorial :
Cancel an action

Improvement of moving within a document

Move within a document without risking moving its items by holding the "space" key.

Tutorial :
Moving within a document

Edit the color and description of your project.

Choose a color for your project and edit its description in order to find it better between all the projects you have access to.

Tutorial :
Edit project's informations

Easily count a group of items

Improvement of the selection tool in order to be able to count items by types, shapes and colors.

Tutorial :
Count items with the selection tool

Improvement of the highlight system in the statistics menu

Your items are now more visible when you select the "highlight" option (other items are temporarily transparent). You can now as well choose to "hide" the items in order to "clean" your document's view.

Tutorial :
Use the documents statistics

Change the start date of your planning

You can now move back the start of the display period of your planning document.

Tutorial :
Edit the start date of your planning

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