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One of the most common item in Ubikey is the post-it and like its paper equivalent, it is going to be essential for your digital visual management.
Once you have opened a document (empty, planning or table), make a right click on the background.

1 - Select "New post-it"

2 - A post-it has been created where you have clicked. You can move it be holding click and moving your mouse. Make a simple click on the post-it to open the menu.

3 - Use the handles to resize your post-it.

4 - Use the rotation spot to rotate the post-it (hold click and mouse your mouse).

5 - Use the link spot to create links between your post-it and other items in the document (hold click and move your mouse over the targeted item).

6 - Duplicate your post-it (simple click or hold the click and move your mouse until the spot where you want to make the copy).

7 - Click on "Edit" (or double click on the post-it).

The edition menu opens. It enables you to edit :

8 - The basics parameters of your post-it : its shape, its color, the size of its text, to cross it out or to anchor it (prevent it from moving).

9 - To add stickers to your post-it.

10 - The main text area (text displayed on the post-it), you can manage the color, the text weight and the text alignment thanks to the options above the text area.

11 - The extended fields enables you to add additional data to your post-its. These fields are editable on the documents settings (see Create and order extended fields).

12 - Add links to a web page or another document (see Add links to a document or a web page to your post-its).

Once you have edited the post-it, you just need to click on the background or on another element to close the pop-up.

Make a right click on the post-it.

13 - "Send to" and "send a copy to" enables you to send your post-it (or a copy) to the portal of your choice.

14 - Export to JIRA enables you to create a ticket within your JIRA project from this post-it (see Export post-its to JIRA).

15 - Delete your post-it (you can also use the del key or backspace of your keyboard). The deleted items are temporarily kept in the trash and can be restored id needed.

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