Version 1.11

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Send content across your differents projects with shared accesses.

Set up permanent accesses between your different projects in order to send content (post-its, images, JIRA cards ...) from one project to another.

Tutorial :
Share an access with another project.

Use milestones in your planning documents.

You can now create milestones in order to materialize your project's important dates within your planning documents.

Tutorial :
Create and edit planning documents

Use member extended field in your post-its.

You can now create and associate extended fields based on the members list of your project to your documents and post-its

Tutorial :
Create and use extended fields

Format your post-its text thanks to new options : weight, color and alignment.

You can now use the classic text formating options on your post-its.

Tutorial :
Create and edit post-its.

Create landscape and/or 4:3 document.

Choose between landscape or portrait options and 16:9 or 4:3 options for your empty document.

Tutorial :
Create an empty document

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