Version 1.15

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Adaptation of the web app to touch interactions.

Improvement of touch interactions on our web application.
Tutorial : Touch interactions

Automatic extended fields

A new type of field that are automatically filled (without manual input) (creator, created at, updated by, updated at).
Tutorial : Automatic fields

Filter post-its with the empty value criteria.

Set up filter that target post-its whose field doesn't have a value.
Tutorial : Use the documents statistics

Get a report on cell, line, column and group content.

Find a report of the items contained following their type and property (color, shape). Find the sum of numeric fields values of contained items.
Tutorial : Count items with the selection tool.

Quick search among your document post-its.

Carry out text research among your document's items.
Tutorial : Do a quick search among your document's post-its.

Import file in a document or portal with drag and drop.

Import files in your document with a drag and drop operation from a file browser or your desktop.
Tutorial : Import file in your document

Sum of extended field in the selection tool

Get the sum of numeric fields values in the selection tool.
Tutorial : Count items with the selection tool

Display / hide all extended fields of post-its in a document

Tutorial : Display / hide extended fields

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