Version 1.13

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The kpi is improving !

Our Kpi document is improving : multi-lines result, new interface, possibility to use custom units, new annotation system.

Tutorial : Create and edit a Kpi

Free size post-its

A new post-it type which size is fully customizable (width and length independantly).

Tutorial : Free size post-its

Navigate toward a specific date or the current date in you planning document

Move to a specific date or the current date with a few clicks in your planning documents.

Updated tutorial : Create and edit planning documents

Open an archived document in read-only mode.

From now on, the archived documents overview feature will open the document in read-only mode in a new tab. You can consult it as a normal document but cannot edit its content by mistake.

Updated tutorial : Manage the archived documents

Paste from the clipboard

Use the copy-paste feature from the desktop or a web page to import files (images, pdf...) in your Ubikey documents.

Updated tutorial : Copy-paste items

Compose your own custom dashboard

We improved the positionning of the widgets in your dashboard in order to allow you to freely compose the dashboard you need.

Updated tutorial : Use the personal dashboard

Move an item to background

You can now send an item to the background of the document (right-click on the item -> Send to background).

Ctrl-d to duplicate an item

Select an item and use the "ctrl-d" shortcut to duplicate it.

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