Version 1.14

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Discover the new list field type

A new field type that enables you to choose a value from a list of results.
Tutorial : Create and use a list field

The dashboard is evolving : edition and counter widget

Edit the post-its and JIRA cards directly in the dashboard.
A new type of widget that enables you to display the number of item corresponding to the selected filter.
Tutorial : Use the personnal dashboard

Archive all documents of a pannel

Tutorial : Manage the archived docuements

Set up the opening display of your document

Choose to highlight or hide some items of your document thanks to the filters of the statistics pannel.
Tutorial : Use the documents statistics

Display of the last edition date and creation date of your document on the project's home page.

Find the last edition date and creation date of your document directly on the home page of your project.

Export your planning documents on the .png format

Export your planning document as image.

Keep the post-it position while importing post-it.

Batch import post-its while keeping their position.
Tutorial : Batch import post-its

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