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Connect Ubikey to your JIRA project!

Work on your Ubikey documents with up-to-date data from your JIRA projects thanks to JIRA cards. Create tickets in your JIRA project from your Ubikey post-its.

Tutorials :

Import tickets from your JIRA project
Export post-it to JIRA
Update document's JIRA cards
JIRA cards
Set up your access to you JIRA site

Multiple selection

Select several elements at the same time, move them, copy them, apply grouped modifications to them (colors, stickers etc ...)

Tutorial : Selection and edition of several items

Copy / Paste an item

Tutoriel : Copy / Paste items

Add links to documents and web pages on your post-it

Streamline your work with shortcuts directly on post-its.

Tutoriel : Add links to a document or a web page to your post-its

Read only participant

Share your projects with your colleagues while securing the content of your documents thanks to the addition of read-only participants.

Tutoriel : Add read-only participants

Document statistics

Find and count post-its and JIRA cards of your document by criteria (shape, color, extended fields, etc...). Find the post-its that have been attributed to you and manage your team's performance. Highlight measured items in order to find them easily in your document.

Tutorial : Use the documents statistics

Get a deleted document back

Restore documents that have been deleted by mistake.

Tutorial : Restore a deleted document

Add extended fields to your post-its

Use extended fields on your post-its, customize the fields on your document or for the all project. Visualize information directly on your post-its.

Tutorial : Create and order extended fields

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